Our services

Estate agents - all the same? Far from it. There are those who offer legal services, others who offer mortgages and increasingly, some branching out into letting services. At Corum, we offer one service. Estate agency.

Buying or selling, it means we can spend more time listening to what you want and why. It means we can devote more time to added value activities to help you achieve it. And it means we're on hand to guide, advise and support you throughout the process - and often, beyond.

One of the biggest compliments our customers pay us is that they return to us ahead of their next move, along with referring us to friends and family.

What makes us different

Accurate valuations

We won't overvalue your home to get your business. We'll apply our in-depth knowledge of your local property market to provide you with a realistic and informed asking price, along with our strategy for achieving it and a reasonable timeframe in which we hope to sell your home.

'House doctor' service

Bring out, put away, rearrange or re-define. There are lots of clever ways to present your home in the best light in order to make it stand out to buyers and generate the highest possible sale price. Our team will provide a fresh pair of eyes, suggesting the little touches that you can implement right now to make a big difference.

Innovative marketing

With a proven track record in innovation, we're constantly seeking ways to do things bigger and better than the industry norm. Most recently, in 2012 we were the first to introduce High Definition movies of our properties online - and we don't intend to stop there.

We view before anyone else does

Before your home goes on the market, our local branch team will organise a convenient group visit to familiarise themselves with the layout, features and key selling points. That way, no matter who answers an enquiry about your home in-branch they'll be well equipped to answer, helping generate interest and ultimately, secure the best sale price possible.

Viewing masterclass

If the thought of showing people around your home is more than a little intimidating, rest assured you're not alone. It's why we introduced our viewing masterclass during which we'll share our top tips for a successful viewing. If your time is too tight to show people around yourself, we'll happily carry out viewings on your behalf. Either way, we'll follow up each and every viewing with a quick call to get the prospective buyer's feedback on your home.

Property matching service

Short on time? Tell us where you'd like to buy, within which price range and your ideal number of bedrooms and we'll do the property search for you - including looking at what other agents are selling too, in case your most suitable match lies elsewhere.