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Fourth Quarter Report 2017

The defining 2017 characteristics of relatively low supply and high demand continued to prevail through the closing Quarter of the year.

Activity levels as a whole were far higher than normal for the time of year with encouraging activity across the entire spectrum, including sales in excess of £1m.

The recent marginal increase in interest rates appear to have had little impact on the market, with the prevailing view that 'inert' money is largely unattractive and non-productive.

Confidence in long term values and the incumbent lifestyle benefits of our amenity-rich suburbs continue
to drive great aspiration for the same.

Consumers appear resolved, notwithstanding the B word (Brexit), that life is for living and their ideal home in their preferred location is more important than continuous contemplation or procrastination.

John Kelly
Managing Partner
Newton Mearns
0141 639 5888