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Thorngrove House
Gracing Thorngrove Park since 1880,Thorngrove House is a splendid example of the grand,
stone-built homes which distinguish this part of Old Bearsden.
Unusual details and finishes showing the patina of age are all part of the character of any period
building and Thorngrove House is no different, with the remarkable detail of its listed interior
retained and lovingly restored during conversion. Striking a balance between working with the
existing features and creating new and dynamic spaces is important. In its new role, the house
offers four fabulous new apartments combining the elegance and quality of the HighVictorian
era with state-of-the-art specification and an imaginative layout for modern living.Thanks to the
ingenuity of design, each apartment has its own private, ground floor entrance and outdoor space.
The quality of a golden age
with state-of-the-art luxury.